There’s only so much time in a day, right? Careers and family occupy so much of our time that eating healthy can easily get put on the back burner. Cooking a meal often gives way to a late night at the office or a child’s sporting event. So it’s a quick run through the drive thru or a snack at the gas station to make up for lost time.

Lack of time is not a legit excuse for not eating right. Sorry if you don’t agree but hear me out. Having a plan and utilizing a calendar works for all of the other aspects of your life, correct? So why not take an additional five minutes each week to look at your schedule and plan your meals around it? Put a menu together and a shopping list for the items you’ll need each day. Check online or watch the mail for weekly flyers sales items from your local grocers. And I’ll make it even easier for you...most grocery stores allow you to order online and pick up your groceries without setting foot in the store. Combine that with the numerous home delivery meal services available and you should find a reasonable solution allowing you to eat healthy affordably while maximizing your time.