Top Things to Do in The Chippewa Valley

Photo of Mary F. Rufledt in downtown Eau Claire, WI.

I am extremely passionate about supporting local businesses and helping the local economy. This means that whenever I get the chance to uplift companies in the area, I will take it! Although extravagant trips out of the country are fun at times, supporting local endeavors has always  been so much more rewarding for me. Check out these amazing local things to do in the Chippewa Valley for a note-worthy staycation!

Get Outside

The weather has been beautiful lately, and with the mask mandate down, it is the perfect time to get outside of your home and explore the amazing area we live in. To view some colorful summer greenery in historic Chippewa Falls, head to Rose and Lily Gardens, an exquisite public garden with 300 varieties of lilies and over 500 rose bushes. While in the neighborhood, stop by Irvine Park, typically known for their Christmas village in the winter months, which is transformed into a park with many walking trails and picnic shelters and a zoo in the summer season! Want to stay closer to Eau Claire? There’s nothing better than supporting the local Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market in Phoenix park, open Wednesdays from 7:30am - 1:00pm, Thursdays 12pm - 5pm, and Saturdays 7:30am - 1:00pm

Breweries and Wineries

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Photo by Travel Wisconsin

Needing an adult only day trip? Visit one of the many renowned breweries and wineries in the Chippewa Valley. One of Wisconsin’s most famous breweries, Leinenkugals,  is a must-see! Head to the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls for a local specialty beer, a bite to eat, or even Take a tour of their historic brewery.

Not a beer person? Check out a family-owned winery, Autumn Harvest Winery and Orchard. This local winery and orchard has been established for over 14 years, but they have always kept ownership within the family. I am always a supporter of locally and family-owned businesses! Plus, they have amazing wine!

Walking and Biking Trails

Photo by Lowell Stevens

The Chippewa Valley is known for their beautiful and accessible walking and biking trails. The most popular is the Chippewa River State Trail that runs through the entire Chippewa Valley and boasts the most beautiful views of the Chippewa River that you can find. Looking for more trails? Check out my blog post about Railroad Trails in the Chippewa Valley!

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