How to stay on track with your fitness goals at home

Stay At Home workout gear

Stuck at home and having a difficult time getting your workouts in and staying on track?? Not being able to go to the gym is making working out exceedingly difficult for most. Well, I am here to help you find some easy ways to get those workouts in with minimal space and equipment. Along with a little motivation!

How to stay on track at home:


Having a schedule planned out is going to be key to staying on track! If you do not have a planned routine, I am telling you now that it will most likely not happen. That goes for nutrition as well. If you do not have meals planned, prepped, and ready to go it is too easy for you to fall away from your goals. So, if you are stuck at home get up, put yourself together, and stick to a daily planned schedule like the example to the right. For me, I know if I get up, get dressed, and put my shoes on, I am much more likely to have a productive day. That key thing for me is getting my shoes on!! What is your thing?

Daily Workout Schedule meal prep


As noted in #1, meal prepping is huge for staying on track. If we are stuck at home or on the run, it is so easy for us to grab things that are junk for nutrition. If you have a plan for your foods and have them all prepackaged for the week you will make the decision to eat what you have already prepared versus grabbing the junk. Grab and GO!!


Being creative and thinking outside the box is a must right now. It might seem a little challenging at times yes, but I assure you it is still possible to get a good workout in. Even with limited space and equipment. I am going to share here with you many ways to get a killer lift in with just some looped exercise bands and a heavy-duty broomstick handle. Along with some other easy workout tips and tricks.

Look at your basic workout lifts and be creative on how you can modify those:

  • Most motions can be recreated with a band for resistance.
  • Find items around the house to use as a weight like canned food, jugs of water, laundry detergent, even a piece of furniture.
  • Stairs are an amazing way to get a great workout. 
  • Get outside! Cardio - walking, running, lunges, or use of random things outside to move around. Like tire flips, pushing logs of wood, and even cars…you name it, I have seen it!
banded shoulder workout landline upright row RDL with resistance bands squats with resistance bands

Banded Shoulder Workout

Landline Upright Row

RDL with Resistance Bands

Squats with Resistance Bands

As you can see there are many ways you can stay active and continue to do your workouts. Just remember why you started, what you love about working out, and how much better you will feel by continuing to reach your goals.

Again, you can find many more at home workout ideas on my Instagram page @courtneyspaeth.

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My name is Courtney Spaeth and I am a professional body builder, so you could imagine I am bound and determined to get those workouts in. I earned my pro title as a Figure athlete back in May of 2018 and have since earned my pro title in Figure Classic as well as in Physique.

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