Keep Trying... You Got This!

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Shortly after I was asked to do this blog post, Mary and I came to my house after a run. That was when we could do such things without concern. She saw this quote canvas on my piano that displays a myriad of interesting things and said “write the blog post on that”. Neither of us knew just how much these words would mean for what lie ahead.

Keep Trying

Get up each morning and keep trying. Try something new, trying to do something better, try not to fall apart in the midst of uncertainty. Maybe yesterday didn’t go quite as you hoped it would. Maybe there was an argument with a partner, coworker or kids. Maybe feelings were hurt, damage done, tears shed. Maybe between that, before or after something was learned, laughter shared, a growing. Things happen, life happens, growth happens wether we welcome it or not. We may feel like we are sitting still but yet we are moving forward. The sun will rise and set. How will we use the precious gift of this time? Keep trying.

Keep Inspiring

You are an inspiration to others wether you know it or not. How you inspire them is up to you. To inspire them to be their best you must first inspire yourself. Every morning give yourself the gift of positive mind and meditate on affirmative thoughts or a mantra. This early morning dose of motivation (and a little coffee helps) to give you what you need to lead your tribe and yourself through the day. Keep inspiring.

Keep Helping

I feel like as a woman I couldn’t stop helping if I tried. Maybe that is a stereotype but there it is. Put a twist on it though. How have you helped yourself today? Self- love, self-care, self-improvement? Have you asked for help and received it graciously? Ooo that’s a tough one. Have you fed my body well, moved it, drank water? Have you done something that helps you? Like the stewardess on the flight will tell you; “put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.” Keep helping.

Keep Believing

What are you choosing to believe today? Do you believe you will get through this? Do you believe things will get better? Do you believe in yourself? You can choose what to believe everyday. You can change your beliefs at anytime. They are yours to do with as you like. Believe in the goodness of people, beautiful things are happening all around you everyday. Always believe you will be OK, maybe even better. Perhaps life will take you somewhere you never imagined. Keep believing.

Keep Dreaming

We must keep dreaming! Little day dreams, big adventure dreams, dreams for the future, dreams for the now. Dreams are places for new beginnings. They take us deeper into the what could be. Dreams relieve stress, expand our consciousness, create solutions and bring beauty and joy to every situation. Keep dreaming!

Keep Hoping

Hope is what gets us through the toughest of times. The hope that things will be better that things will change. That there will be an end to madness. Hope that there will be normalcy again that involves coffee with friends, hugs and handshakes. Hope that there will be life after this. Maybe a better life, a better way. Hope, always there is hope. Keep hoping.

Keep Loving

Above all keep loving. Keep loving yourself first so you have love to give. Love on your partner, your kids, your coworkers, neighbors, grocery store workers, and whomever you can find to splash a lot of love on. Love for the things that we still have access to; fresh air, the sun, clean water, family, friends, a home, time to slow down, refocus and appreciate. Keep loving.

This is a challenging time without question. I am not making light of any of it or the hard things that some are facing. I hope to inspire you on a hard day to reread this post and remember to keep trying, keep inspiring, keep helping, keep believing, keep dreaming, keep hoping and to keep loving... you got this!

Meet Michelle Markquart

Meet Michelle Markquart

Like most of you I wear many hats. I am first and foremost a Mother to two, beautiful teenage children. I am also an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, athlete, woman in recovery, personal growth junkie, spiritual being, pet mama, and CEO of the household aka ‘Laundry Queen’.

I was recently called a “Sparkler”. It is not the first time I have been referred to as being a bright light. However, I didn’t always embrace my glowing self but rather tried to keep it dampened down with a variety of methods. The most toxic and effective being a mix of Vodka and pills.

At 46 my Life came crashing down around me as I could no longer keep up the facade. Trying to be all the things I was “supposed” to be had taken its toll. The model wife, mother, business owner, community member and friend unraveled. In the wake I began a journey of healing, remembering, discovery, and growth that would bring me into the most beautiful and abundant place in my life I have ever been.

Today, I am proudly shining my light wherever I go. Safe in the knowledge that I am being completely myself and rejoicing in whatever comes my way. Along the way I developed my own program that supports my mind, body, and soul, allowing me to empower other women to do the same.

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