Mary's Favorite Things Right Now

Mary's Favorite Things Right Now
My Favorite Things Right Now

Sometimes the smallest things can bring us the most joy. After all, isn’t that what life is all about - finding joy in the little things? I know when I take the time to appreciate the most minor things in my day that bring a smile to my face or a moment of peace it can drastically improve the rest of my day. That’s why I wanted to share some of the things I’m finding happiness from right now, to inspire you to make a list of your own small joys.

  • Good Ice cream
      • Whether it’s a cone of ice cream from a local shop or a pint I brought home from the grocery store, sometimes a scoop of my favorite ice cream is all I need after a long day! One of my favorite local spots for a delicious treat is Olson’s Ice Cream; I love the variety of flavors and like to try something new each time I visit.
  • Journaling
      • It can be hard to get in the habit of journaling every day, but I’ve noticed so much more internal peace when I take a few minutes before bed to write down three things that made me happy or grateful during the day. Just writing freely in a notebook might work for you, but I find it helpful to follow a guided journal I found at BAM. The prompts help me think about things I may not have otherwise considered and dig deeper into the joyful moments in life!
  • Hallmark Movies
      • You may think the Hallmark Channel is only good for cheesy holiday movies, but I’m here to tell you that there’s great movies on all the time! It’s so fun and relaxing to watch a cute movie when I need a bit of “me time” - knowing that everyone is going to end up happy at the end of the story is what makes it fun!
  • Good Coffee
      • Nothing starts off the day better than a great cup of coffee! It is the perfect ritual to begin my morning by brewing my favorite roast at home, or stopping by a local coffee shop for a specialty brew. I know if I stop by Acoustic Cafe I’m sure to leave with a steaming cup in hand and a smile on my face!
  • Aveda Candles
      • I’ve heard that scent is one of the strongest senses when it comes to memory, and I definitely believe it. Whenever I light my “shampure” candle I immediately feel like I’m back in the salon chair, feeling my scalp being massaged as the stylist shampoos my hair - so relaxing! 
  • Learning About Symbolism
      • I know to look for the small things in life thanks to the many books I’ve read about symbolism. You can find meaning in the animal you see on the way to work, the number you see repeating everywhere, or even the shape of the cloud you notice. I like to think about the colors I surround myself with, whether that’s in the clothing I choose to wear or the color I paint a room, and try to intentionally choose colors that bring me joy. What things have you noticed in your life lately that feel symbolic?

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